What Would You Do With $10M?

$1 million dollars represented in a hundred $10,000 cash bundles

As reported on, From Dh15 ($4.08) to Dh15m ($4,087,193): Indian resident of Dubai becomes lottery millionaire overnight.

Ajay Ogula was a driver for a jewelry company before hitting the Emirates Draw mega-million jackpot. His words as reported in the article,

“Dh15 million? What will I do with so much [money]?”

The excerpt is taken directly from the article:

“Mr Ogula first plans to bring his family to the UAE for a holiday after he arranges passports and flights.”

“I also want to buy a house for my mother and sister. They will come here and we will discuss what to do.”

“He is also taking a small break from his job but has no other plans for now [but] helping others. His generosity runs deep and he has previously helped less-fortunate people in his village and now plans to do even more to help those who need it most.”

A Red Flag That Will Take Him From Riches To Rags

He said nothing about growing or investing the money.

Only spending the money.

By all means, help people but establish a plan to consistently create wealth so the money well will not run dry.

A wise man once said the faster the money comes, the faster it will go.

If you were to find yourself in Mr. Ogula’s situation…

What Would You Do With $10M?

Financial Sumari is the genius behind this article. The excerpt below is taken directly from the original article:

“But what if 10 million dollars after-taxes just fell into your lap? Would your life really change if you didn’t have a day job, or loved your day job, and had enough food, clothing, and shelter? I’m not so sure anything would change at all!” says the author.

I, on the other hand, will travel and navigate the world in style, class, and comfort. My desire is to live a leisurely, luxurious, and lavish lifestyle as a rich housewife with entrepreneurial aspirations. Prior to upscaling our lifestyle, I will put some financial strategies in place to grow our money so that we can be F.I.R.E. (financial independence retire early).

I think we all should give this some thought. Nowadays, it’s so easy for people to come into a boatload of money and still end up broke. For instance, lottery winners. According to the National Endowment for Financial Education, 70% of lottery winners end up broke and a third go on to declare bankruptcy. In addition, Fox Business reports 78% of professional athletes go broke after three years of retirement.

Why do most go from riches to rags?

Rich one day, Poor one year later

I believe it’s due to poverty or lack mindset. They handle the millions and billions how they handle hundreds and thousands. The individuals did not have a plan to make the money grow. They were thinking short-term and not long-term.

I don’t want my family to be a statistic. Here is how we are investing our $10,000,000.

1/ Create a Wealth Building Team (Private Wealth Management Firm, Tax Attorney, etc.)

Private Wealth Management Firms specifically target high-net-worth individuals (HNWI). Depending on the firm, individuals may require to maintain minimum investable assets between $250,000 to $3 million. The firms charge around 1% of the assets they are managing. Simultaneously, we will consult and hire a tax attorney to set up trusts, corporations, and LLCs as it pertains to high-net-worth individuals to minimize our tax liability. The first thing we would do is develop a plan to shelter and grow our money for our children and children’s children and nations. Spent: $100,000. Remaining: $9,900,000

2/Pay Tithes & Establish Trust for Mothers, Widows & Orphans

We are practicing Christians so we will tithe $1,000,000 to our church and we will set up a $500,000 trust to perpetually donate to a widow and orphans charity based on the returns generated from the principal. We would do the same thing for our mothers – $200,000 trust for each – and gift them $50,000 each. I got this idea from Financial Samurai too. Spent: $2,000,000 Remaining: $7,900,000

3/Buy Raw Land

We would invest 12.68% of the remaining balance into raw land. I prefer low-maintenance investments that generate passive income. In Georgia, tax incentives were available to rural landowners and they were able to generate income to pay taxes from farming, solar farms, hunting leases, etc. Therefore, our wealth management team will help us locate land all over the world that builds wealth and minimizes our tax liability to zero. Spent: $1,000,000 Remaining: $6,900,000

4/Buy Precious Metals

To further diversify the remaining funds, we would purchase gold and silver to hedge against inflation. We will buy $750,000 worth of gold and $250,000 worth of silver. Spent: $1,000,000 Remaining: $5,900,000

5/ Buy Stocks & Municipal Bonds

We invest $1,500,000 in stock and municipal bonds: 50% in growth stocks, 25% in dividend stocks, and 25% in municipal bonds. This mix supports growth as well as our annual living expenses. Spent: $1,500,000 Remaining: $4,400,000

6/Private Equity Investor

We will provide capital to businesses or startups in exchange for a 15-25% equity stake.

Spent: $400,000. Remaining: $4,000,000

7/$10 Million Term Life Insurance Policy

In the event, something happens to either of us the life insurance policy insures our new lifestyles are maintained. Therefore, we will purchase two $10M life insurance policies with an annual premium of around $5,000 each. Spent: $10,000 Remaining: $3,990,000


We will hire an architect to design our estate. Spent: $20,000 Remaining: $3,970,000

9/Personal Business Ventures

Starting several business ventures. I read a lot of financial books and the most common thread repeated in these books is business ownership is the yellow brick road that leads to “lots and lots of money.”  Spent: $1,000,000 Remaining: $2,970,000

10/Apartment Building for Short and Long-term Rental

These properties are another form of passive income. Spent: $1,000,000 Remaining: $1,970,000

11/Cash on Hand

Spent: $1,500,000 Remaining: $470,000

12/Travel & Blow Money

Spent: $470,000 Remaining: $0

What Would You Do With $10M?

What Would You Do With $10M?

So there you have it. This is how we allocate our $10M. These numbers are subject to change upon speaking with our wealth creation and sustainability team.

Tell us in the comments, “what would you do with $10M?”

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