Money Behaviors Keeping You Broke

Books to break money behaviors keeping you broke

Are your money behaviors keeping you broke? Everything we know we observed and were taught. Either by someone in our sphere or some authority figure in a particular genre. Including our spending habits.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I follow 9 foundational practices – T.H.R.I.V.E.

I in T.H.R.I.V.E. represents Practice # 4 | Invest In Yourself which consists of reading self-help books, listening to faith-building sermons, and/or hiring a personal coach, among other things. In the first 4 months of the year, I read 17 books.

Now, I’m dedicating 121 days (May 2023 to August 2023) to reading 12 personal finance books on raising wealth consciousness. Get the reading list here.

Nithyanandapedia states wealth consciousness means making a clear decision to break out of the myths and mental patterns that impoverish us and draw us again and again into the poverty cycle.

After watching Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance with Somebody Netflix movie it was a rude awakening.

Spoiler Alert!

Her father, of all people, squandered her money. Her father’s bad money behavior is the reason she was flat broke.

Typically, in a short period, overnight sensations (lottery winners, athletes, entertainers) lose everything.

Due to the fact, they do not have the mental capacity to manage that amount of money.

Morgan Housel wrote in The Psychology of Money,

Getting money is one thing.

Keeping it is another.

Below are three actionable takeaways you can learn to eliminate the money behaviors keeping you broke:

  1. PROGRAM YOURSELF For Prosperity
  2. The More You Learn, The More You Earn
  3. Manage & Multiply Money Infinitely

1/ Program Yourself For Prosperity

money behaviors keeping you broke

We are all programmed based on our unique experiences in life. In the words of Morgan Hansel, the author of The Psychology of Money,




Robert T. Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, did a great job of clarifying this point with his comparison of his “rich dad” and “poor dad”. His dads had contrasting points of view about money.

For most people, they don’t have two dads or in my case, no dad at all. Therefore, we tend to adopt the point of view of the closest authority figure in our life, rich or poor. For impressionable youths, these authority figures’ points of view can become our natural response (i.e. program) to money events that occur throughout our life. Subsequently, you develop either poverty or prosperity programming.

Essentially, the poverty programming is the money behaviors keeping you broke.

According to T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, whatever we hear, see, and experience regarding money as children, conditions us to behave/act a certain way.

Studies have shown that lottery winners, no matter how much they earn, return in the end to their original financial state. Due to the fact, they are conditioned for poverty.

Therefore, the first step to being wealthy is to disregard your old thought patterns and overwrite them with millionaire thinking.

It’s important you tell yourself a new story about money with declarations.

For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

Poverbs 23:7

Eker has 17 Wealth Files (how rich people think) in his book and they each come with declarations to reprogram you to think like a millionaire.

The commitment to continual learning and growth is the second actionable takeaway to go from poverty to a prosperity mindset.

2/ The More You Learn, The More You Earn

The beginning of wisdom is this: Get[a] wisdom.
    Though it cost all you have,[b] get understanding.

Proverbs 4:7

Kiyosaki believes “the single most powerful asset we all have is our mind. If it is trained well, it can create enormous wealth seemingly instantaneously.”

His rich dad encouraged him to study to be rich, to understand how money works, and to learn how to have it work for him.

He even recommends becoming creative at solving financial problems. What he calls turning lemons into millions. Due to the fact, opportunities normally are present when the economy is terrible.

His rich dad gave him work without pay (like most business owners) to learn how to recognize opportunities to create money (aka finding opportunities that most will miss). In essence, you want to create your own luck.

In Chapter 6 of the Psychology of the Mind entitled Tails, You Win, Housel expounds on Kiyosaki’s rich dad philosophy stating the most impressive people are packed full of horrendous ideas that are OFTEN ACTED UPON.

The rich dad taught Kiyosaki that we learn in life by making mistakes through trial and error.

Kiyosaki believes most people never win because they’re more afraid of losing. His philosophy is “I play hard, make mistakes, correct, make more mistakes, correct, and get better.”

In the words of Thomas A. Edison,

“I have not failed.

I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Eker states in his seminars, involvement (or experimental learning) is necessary for accelerated learning. He believes what you do, you understand. Therefore, the more you learn through action, the more you earn.

The authors also suggest learning from seminars, books, and industry experts.

The third actional takeaway is to manage and multiply those earnings infinitely.

3/ Manage & Multiply Money Infinitely

Eker states the single biggest difference between financial success and financial failure is how well you manage your money.

Therefore, you can add poorly managed finances to the money behaviors keeping you broke.

Eker and Kiyosaki agree to manage money successfully, one must learn how to manage cash flows, systems, and people. This is how the rich put money to work for them.

For instance, McDonald’s does not have the best burgers but they have a superior business system.

Hansel states the only way to be wealthy is NOT to spend the money you do have. Instead, be frugal and have a high savings rate. He explains that wealth is hidden. It’s the things you cannot see – savings, retirement accounts, and investment portfolios.

“Rich people see every dollar as a “seed”

planted to earn a hundred more dollars,

then replanted to earn a thousand more dollars.”

T. Harv Eker

Each author agrees it’s not how much money you make but how much you keep. Kiyosaki adds “And for how many generations you keep it.”

A good man leaves an inheritance for

his children’s children.

Proverbs 13:22

Kiyosaki recommends paying yourself first period and then buying income-producing assets (i.e. businesses, stocks, income-producing real estate, bonds) to pay for your lifestyle (i.e. houses, cars, clothes, vacations).

He gave an example of how his wife paid for a luxury vehicle. Instead of using earned (job) income or going into debt to buy a vehicle, she purchased income-producing real estate (asset) to pay for the vehicle.

Wealthy people buy luxuries last and buy income-producing assets first.

I love the fact Kiyosaki said that money as your employee can work 24 hours a day. Supporting Eker’s Wealth File #15 that “Rich people have their money work hard for them.”

The Ultimate Reward to Break Money Behaviors Keeping You Broke

True wealth is philanthropy, leaving money to perpetually fund foundations that will have a positive impact on the world. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are leaving the majority of their wealth to charities.

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  • Monica R Harris

    Very enlightening. It’s amazing how much your perspective influences your ability to build wealth. I am going to continue my wealth building strategies, in addition to many of these detailed in this post. I am excited about the coming results of this implementation.

  • Anthony Chandler

    I have read Rich Dad Poor Dad. After reading your article I will hunt down the other books.
    It would be a blessing to the world if you could get this information planted in our children’s mindset at an early age. I paid my son and daughter money to read Rich Dad Poor Dad when they were teenagers. I knew if they got the concept down pack then life will be easy and full of enjoyable pleasures without having to worry about where the money is coming from.
    I enjoyed your article and now my children and grandchildrens will have the opportunity to make more money from me by opening up dialog on the three books and your article thank you for this material and please continue to put out more material it’s very helpful.

  • Sharon Llewellyn

    I pray that your dreams for wealth and prosperity come through as the line up with God’s perfect will for your life.

  • Gabrielle Awal

    This was a great read!! It’s truly about shifting your mindset and what we give value to. And changing old belief systems can be extremely hard to do. That coupled with fear is what stops a lot of people…me included. I’ve got work to do!!!

  • Mara Smith

    I was just speaking with my daughter, matter of fact, yesterday! about reading more building our vocabulary and just obtaining a different mindset and new goals for our lives.This Thread has helped put things in perspective too what I want moving forward in the near future and it’s definitely MONEY!and lots of it…😅

    • Chalanda Michelle Asamoah

      I love it. Yes, I’m reading “Think & Grow Rich” now. It’s a money mindset classic and he says over and over it starts with an idea and a burning desire. Book review coming! Thank you so much for reading. Yes, start the kids now. They’ll definitely have an advantage.

    • Elo

      Great, I am actually thinking about my next investment move. Airbnb is what I am looking to invest in now. Give me some pointers Michelle.

      • Chalanda Michelle Asamoah

        Airbnb is great income. I don’t consider it passive unless you pay someone else to handle the work. I did it in the USA and UAE. I hired cleaners both times and each building had security so I didn’t have to be present to give them the key for check-in or check-out. You need a system or it can cost you time. How valuable is your time? $50 per hour, $150 per hour, $3,000 per hour. Once it’s gone you can’t get it back.

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