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    4 Ways To Renew A UAE Visa

    I’ve been in and out of the United Arab Emirates several times this year. Visa renewals have been challenging for me. I’ve renewed my tourist visa several times and different most times. Twice incurring huge overstay penalties. Mostly due to part negligence and part unclear rules. I would like to share 4 ways to renew a UAE visa. Hopefully, my experience can help you to avoid overstay fines and penalties. #1 – 3 MONTH VISA For the first of the 4 ways to renew a UAE visa, we used a company referred by a friend of Daniels. We were under the impression that the three-month visa was in process before…

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    Find Your Life’s Purpose

    I heard somewhere your life’s purpose is to find your life’s purpose,  …….Your Why.  Why were you put on earth?  Why do you exist?  Sarah Jakes, daughter of Bishop TD Jakes, said in a sermon of hers,  ……..Why Was Your Spirit Chosen To Be Wrapped in Flesh?  That’s deep.  We are not here by mere accident. Similar to projects assigned in school, we have life assignments to complete. A purpose not only in our living but in our dying. Our death does not stop our purpose. Our legacy lives long after us.  The Reverend Dr. MLK, Jr comes to mind for me. He has been dead for years but the…

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    4 Lessons About Diligence

    Vipassana has given me new ways of thinking, living, and working. It’s apparent. The fact of the matter, I’m writing my third post about lessons learned from my experience. Diligence is a character trait I’m intentionally trying to improve. After reflecting on my experience, below are 4 lessons learned about diligence from Vipassana. Time is the Most Valuable Commodity More than money, I’ve always known that time is the most valuable commodity. Think about it, the punishment for a crime is a person’s time. A person can never get the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years back. Never. Once it has happened, a moment in time is gone forever.…

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    6 Life-Changing Vipassana Practices

    Adhering to a simple but strict schedule. Day in and day out. 10-days of behavioral conditioning. Not the primary purpose. I don’t think. I consider it a welcomed after-effect. Nevertheless, my life has improved. How? I incorporated 6 life-changing Vipassana practices. 1. Practice Noble Silence. My husband and I are opposites. I prefer silence. In contrast, he likes noise. Something has to be ON. Television, radio app on his phone, Instagram stories, Whatsapp status. I experimented with noble silence before leaving for Vipassana. I did not talk between 10 AM and 4 PM. It worked wonders. I was super productive. I work more diligently. Last week, I completed 90% of…

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    Meditation Mindset Shift

    Let’s say the Vipassana Meditation Course was an experience. It wasn’t quite what I expected. I imagined spotless living quarters. I dreamt of a botanical garden-type setting similar to Kirstenbosch Gardens in Capetown, South Africa. Of course, on a smaller scale. I envisioned participants dressed in yoga attire. Students and teachers walking around in a euphoric state. My imagination couldn’t be farther from reality. From the onset, I was miserable because the experience did not live up to my expectations. Hours upon hours of meditation gradually changed how I viewed the facility. I experienced a meditation mindset shift. In The Beginning Irshad, the driver I attached myself to once landing…