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    Life Lessons

    Find Your Life’s Purpose

    I heard somewhere your life’s purpose is to find your life’s purpose,  …….Your Why.  Why were you put on earth?  Why do you exist?  Sarah Jakes, daughter of Bishop TD Jakes, said in a sermon of hers,  ……..Why Was Your Spirit Chosen To Be Wrapped in Flesh?  That’s deep.  We are not here by mere accident. Similar to projects assigned in school, we have life assignments to complete. A purpose not only in our living but in our dying. Our death does not stop our purpose. Our legacy lives long after us.  The Reverend Dr. MLK, Jr comes to mind for me. He has been dead for years but the…

  • Life Lessons

    Working For My Good

    My internal alarm clock has been going off before the crack of dawn. Consequently, I circle the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Fujairah, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as an act of worship and daily fitness regimen. The song “Intentional” by American gospel singer Travis Greene plays in my ears. It’s a reminder despite my current circumstances, things are working for my good. All things are working for my good, yeah‘Cause He’s intentionalNever failingI know that all things are working for my good, yeahHe’s intentionalNever failing Beginning of the year, my husband signed a football contract in Fujairah. Fujairah is an emirate approximately an hour outside of Dubai. For a reason…