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    Frame Your Future

    FRAME YOUR FUTURE. I desire quantum progress in every area of my life in 2023. If you’ve been following me, you know my word for the year is ACCELERATION (formerly excellence). Since January, I’ve read multiple books and repeatedly listened to multiple teachings and sermons (Practice # 4 | Invest In Yourself). These authors and speakers are my imaginary advisors. I consult their media resources for advice. Another word that keeps catching my attention from these individuals, other than acceleration, is VISION. Accelerated growth and quantum leaping require a VISION (i.e. destination, target, or desire). A GPS requires a destination before it can create a route. Once you enter a…

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    Happy New Month! If you have been following me I’m back in the States. I’ve been to Chicago (IL), metro Atlanta (GA), Tuscaloosa (AL), and back to metro Atlanta (GA) among other travels. Yes, I’m currently in metro Atlanta. How long? I’m not sure so catch me here while you can. All of this transition has made me change my word for 2023. Initially, it was “EXCELLENCE.” After surveying my actions over the last 3 months (the first quarter of the year), I made an executive decision to change it to “ACCELERATION.”  I’m committed to accelerated growth.  Among other things, in the past 3 months, I’ve 🎓graduated from an entrepreneurship program,…

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    Life Lessons

    2022 Year In Review

    2022 Year In Review. Happy New Year! I’ve been completing a lot of incomplete projects from 2022. As suggested by Success Principle 28 in Jack Canfield’s Book, The Success Principles, How To Get From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be, and also the co-author of Chicken Soup For The Soul. I bound the procrastination and unfocused spirit for 2023. Already I’ve completed and submitted my homework for my Saturday virtual class. Since the class started in October, I always took advantage of the time difference and turned the assignments in on the due date Gulf Standard Time. If you’ve been following me on YouTube (if you’re not,…

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    Happy Birthday, Grandma!

    Happy Birthday, Grandma! Today (August 25, Note: I published the article on another platform) is my deceased maternal grandmother’s birthday. Her name is Anna Robinson Chandler. Everyone called her “Muh” short for Madea. The only grandparent I met and actually know the name of. Muh was a hoot. She said the most darnest thing when she had her hooch that my eldest brother and first cousins use to sneak her against momma’s better judgment. I think they saw it as entertainment because she had no filter whatsoever. Once Muh told a cousin’s friend that her baby was ugly.  Muh was fluent in cursing.  “Mf if you don’t get your f#$&!*@…

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    Life Lessons

    Find Your Life’s Purpose

    I heard somewhere your life’s purpose is to find your life’s purpose,  …….Your Why.  Why were you put on earth?  Why do you exist?  Sarah Jakes, daughter of Bishop TD Jakes, said in a sermon of hers,  ……..Why Was Your Spirit Chosen To Be Wrapped in Flesh?  That’s deep.  We are not here by mere accident. Similar to projects assigned in school, we have life assignments to complete. A purpose not only in our living but in our dying. Our death does not stop our purpose. Our legacy lives long after us.  The Reverend Dr. MLK, Jr comes to mind for me. He has been dead for years but the…

  • Vipassana Meditation Schedule
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    6 Life-Changing Vipassana Practices

    Adhering to a simple but strict schedule. Day in and day out. 10-days of behavioral conditioning. Not the primary purpose. I don’t think. I consider it a welcomed after-effect. Nevertheless, my life has improved. How? I incorporated 6 life-changing Vipassana practices. 1. Practice Noble Silence. My husband and I are opposites. I prefer silence. In contrast, he likes noise. Something has to be ON. Television, radio app on his phone, Instagram stories, Whatsapp status. I experimented with noble silence before leaving for Vipassana. I did not talk between 10 AM and 4 PM. It worked wonders. I was super productive. I work more diligently. Last week, I completed 90% of…

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    Faith In Action

    Update: It’s November 12, 2019. Quite honestly, I’ve been slacking in the faith in action department. 228 days since my first international speaking engagement (Kumasi, Ghana) 128 days since the VIP Mastermind Session (London, United Kingdom) A business brainstorm event 50 days before 2019 is over – Can you believe it? I confess my actions are still not aligning with what I really want out of life. Why haven’t I acted on my desires to inspire through public speaking?  What’s holding me back from helping others to overcome their fears?  Why am I not telling the world to go after their personal legend?  The reality of the matter is I…

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    Do What You Love

    “Doing What You Love” reminds me of the quote by Mark Twain, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I fancy putting my thoughts in written form, working on my website, learning new processes, seeking out speaking engagements, investing in ME, Inc. Even though these activities have not monetized, it brings me fulfillment to do what I enjoy – traveling, learning, writing, speaking and growing. Until I met my husband, I don’t think I knew anyone personally who monetized the love of an activity. All my life I always looked for jobs that paid enough money to meet my…