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    Visa Run Fun

    My last article was about 4 ways to renew a UAE Visa. I didn’t mention how I made the Oman border visa run fun. I didn’t do so bad for a not so young gal. Even in my twenties when I tried to hang at the club, my friends had to rescue me from embarrassing myself by falling asleep. What can I say, a girl needs her beauty rest. Honestly, I was delving back into a lackadaisical state, being a homebody instead of living life. It is all too common for me. Living in Atlanta, (GA) the majority of the time I telecommuted. I often got caught up in not…

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    4 Ways To Renew A UAE Visa

    I’ve been in and out of the United Arab Emirates several times this year. Visa renewals have been challenging for me. I’ve renewed my tourist visa several times and different most times. Twice incurring huge overstay penalties. Mostly due to part negligence and part unclear rules. I would like to share 4 ways to renew a UAE visa. Hopefully, my experience can help you to avoid overstay fines and penalties. #1 – 3 MONTH VISA For the first of the 4 ways to renew a UAE visa, we used a company referred by a friend of Daniels. We were under the impression that the three-month visa was in process before…