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    Frame Your Future

    FRAME YOUR FUTURE. I desire quantum progress in every area of my life in 2023. If you’ve been following me, you know my word for the year is ACCELERATION (formerly excellence). Since January, I’ve read multiple books and repeatedly listened to multiple teachings and sermons (Practice # 4 | Invest In Yourself). These authors and speakers are my imaginary advisors. I consult their media resources for advice. Another word that keeps catching my attention from these individuals, other than acceleration, is VISION. Accelerated growth and quantum leaping require a VISION (i.e. destination, target, or desire). A GPS requires a destination before it can create a route. Once you enter a…

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    Happy New Month! If you have been following me I’m back in the States. I’ve been to Chicago (IL), metro Atlanta (GA), Tuscaloosa (AL), and back to metro Atlanta (GA) among other travels. Yes, I’m currently in metro Atlanta. How long? I’m not sure so catch me here while you can. All of this transition has made me change my word for 2023. Initially, it was “EXCELLENCE.” After surveying my actions over the last 3 months (the first quarter of the year), I made an executive decision to change it to “ACCELERATION.”  I’m committed to accelerated growth.  Among other things, in the past 3 months, I’ve 🎓graduated from an entrepreneurship program,…

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    Life Lessons

    2022 Year In Review

    2022 Year In Review. Happy New Year! I’ve been completing a lot of incomplete projects from 2022. As suggested by Success Principle 28 in Jack Canfield’s Book, The Success Principles, How To Get From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be, and also the co-author of Chicken Soup For The Soul. I bound the procrastination and unfocused spirit for 2023. Already I’ve completed and submitted my homework for my Saturday virtual class. Since the class started in October, I always took advantage of the time difference and turned the assignments in on the due date Gulf Standard Time. If you’ve been following me on YouTube (if you’re not,…