Traveling 2 Dubai (Or Thinking About It)?




1 | Are you traveling to Dubai for the first time?

2 | Do you need to speak to someone with personal experience of traveling or even living in Dubai?

3 | Do you have questions about traveling or living in Dubai?

4 | Do you require a guide for a few days or for your entire trip?

5 | Do you require a personalized travel itinerary?

I’ve lived in Dubai since 2019. I’ve lived in 3 different emirates (Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai).  I’ve traveled to all seven of the Emirates.

If you have any questions about traveling or living in Dubai, Schedule a TALK.

Buy One & Get One FREE (BOGO)

Book a 30-minute consultation for $45 & Receive An Additional 30 Minutes for FREE!

If you book with me, the consultation fee will be deducted from your booking.

Schedule a TALK!

Payment Methods:

🤑Zelle – 770 896 3790

🤑PayPal – @PositivityOnDemand

🤑Cash App – $CMichelleAsamoah

🤑Emirates NBD – 1015778074802


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