Life Lessons

Happy One Year Anniversary

Happy One Year Anniversary – Thanks, babe for taking this life journey with me. Who knew to partner with you during this life experiment could be so adventurous (I see everything as an experiment now. Thanks #loveisblind). You know I crave adventure and as long as it doesn’t involve a lot of water, you are with me. 

Yin To My Yang

Thank you for being the yin to my yang. You’re simple, I’m complex. You’re a man of few words and as you know I am a woman of many words. You have the common sense. I have the book sense with blonde moments. You’re an introvert. I’m an extrovert. You’re passive (in a good way). I’m assertive. We balance each other. 

You complement me like champagne in orange juice, butter in grits, sugar in oatmeal, Velveeta cheese in macaroni, hot sauce on collard greens, a year old ham hock cooked in black eye peas, and the icing on a cake. An added bonus is you can cook, you love to cook, and your food tastes good. Not so good for my waistline.

Lessons Learned

Evaluating our first year together, we spent almost 22 hours each day together with the exception of my personal retreats. We’ve been prepped for coronavirus. By studying you, I learned a lot of ways to better myself. The lessons learned were documented and proofread by you before posting on Class was and still is in session every day with you. Likewise, you studied me and learned a thing or two.

Major takeaways for me from one year of marital bliss with you:

  1. Talk about the marriage –  I love our pre-marriage counselors advised us to do a weekly couples checkup. I appreciate that we can be vulnerable and honest with one another discussing hard topics in a safe, non-judgemental environment. We use our assessments to better the relationship.
  2.  Dedicated time apart – I want to spend every waking hour with you but you’re a distraction. LOL! Time apart not only allows us to focus on ourselves but we realize how our lives are better together. As the saying goes absence makes the heart grow fonder. 
  3. Conflict resolution – A few hours after a disagreement, one of us will ask “Are you ready to talk about what happened today?” We discuss what we didn’t like that occurred, how to handle the situation going forward, if it’s a cultural difference, etc. We make up. I love this part the most. LOL!

I adore doing life with you. Thank you for making my decision to drop my entire life in the USA one of the best decisions and most invaluable experiences of my life so far. Happy One Year Anniversary sweetheart.

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