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    14 Things To Do In Dubai

    My first solo trip was to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It was THE place to travel. Others had traveled and came back with wonderful stories and posted lovely pics on social media. Thorough research revealed it was safe for a female solo traveler. Below you will find 14 things to do in Dubai. I enjoyed some of these on my first solo trip and others while living in the UAE. 1/Natureland Spa @ Rixos JBR Hotel – Turkish Hammam I recommend scheduling a spa visit on the day of arrival or the day after. The travel journey can take a toll on your mental and physical health. To rejuvenate…

  • Finding Me
    Life Lessons

    How Badly Do You Really Want It?

    “A hero is someone born into a world where they do not fit in. They are then summoned on a call to an adventure they are reluctant to take. What is the adventure? A revolutionary transformation of self. The final goal is to find the elixir, the magic potion that is the answer to unlocking her. Then she comes home to this ordinary life transformed and shares her story of survival with others.” Chapter 1, Running Self-Transformation How Badly Do You Really Want It? I didn’t listen to one memoir this past week but two: Finding Me by Viola Davis & Will by Will Smith. Both audiobooks talk about transformation,…

  • Spouse Visa

    Our Spousal Visa Journey

    Our Spousal Visa Journey. This article is not about our visa credit card but the authorization granted by a country for an individual to enter, stay, and exit a country. Visas patrol the flow of visitors within the country and to prevent illegal immigration and other criminal activities. Most international travel requires a stamp on your passport for entry and exit of the visiting country. You would either receive a visa on arrival or apply for a visa prior to traveling to a foreign country. Tourism generates a lot of money for some countries. Oftentimes, the foreign country exempts certain nationalities from acquiring a visa or provides a visa on arrival to promote…