2022 Year In Review

2022 Year In Review. Happy New Year! I’ve been completing a lot of incomplete projects from 2022. As suggested by Success Principle 28 in Jack Canfield’s Book, The Success Principles, How To Get From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be, and also the co-author of Chicken Soup For The Soul.

I bound the procrastination and unfocused spirit for 2023. Already I’ve completed and submitted my homework for my Saturday virtual class. Since the class started in October, I always took advantage of the time difference and turned the assignments in on the due date Gulf Standard Time.

If you’ve been following me on YouTube (if you’re not, STOP what you are doing NOW and go subscribe to my YouTube channel hit the bell notification button so you can know when I go LIVE & let it play even if on mute. LOL! I need the watch hours), I’ve been reading a success principle or two a day from Jack Canfield’s book and the principles are really sticking. My subconscious mind is reprogramming right before my eyes.

My word for 2022 was the Year of Extraordinary. It started off extraordinary then it got EXTRA-ordinary and after reflecting and participating in a week-long Masterclass, now I know why.

Journaling at the Emirates Palace on 12/1/2023


A few hours after the clock struck twelve on New Year’s Day, we obtained favor. Daniel and I went to our neighborhood hotel after watching the fireworks and laser show at the Burj Khalifa from our building’s rooftop with other residents. The celebrity Daniel is, people asked to take photos with him and because I’m the rich haute housewife, of course, I’m going to be in the photo too. The bartender ended up discounting our drinks on New Year’s Day, one of the most expensive days to go anywhere and a person we’ve never met a day in our life paid our bill. EXTRAORDINARY!

New Year’s Day at Occidental Al Jaddaf Hotel


The Saturday before Valentine’s Day, we celebrated with a personal chef in our home. He prepared lobster tail, steak, vegetable medley, Arabic salad, and I made Betty Crocker Brownies (Daniel’s favorite) for dessert. I was imagining we were on our 33,000-acre estate in Ghana with our private chef and around-the-clock staff. Another principle in Jack Canfield’s book, Success Principle 12 “Act As If”. I started taking swimming lessons and dang on it after years of trying to learn, I really know how to swim now (in shallow water. LOL!). EXTRAORDINARY!

Romantic Dinner At Home With Private Chef


We celebrated our Holy Trinity Marriage Anniversary with a photo shoot at the waterfront near our home and a visit to Dubai Expo 2020. How can I explain it? It’s a place where countries come together to brag about what makes their country so great. Ultimately for people to patronize them. It was a 6 months marketing campaign. There were concerts, exhibitions, rides, parties, international food, dance performers, fireworks, parades, etc. You name it, they had it. It was magical.

God is so good. I’m always having these experiences of a lifetime effortlessly. In addition, I took my first ever and only Coronavirus test. I can beat myself up for not taking advantage of the event and going earlier. Nonetheless, it was EXTRAORDINARY!


The best month of the entire year. Yes, it’s the celebration of our Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ, crucifixion, death, and resurrection. In addition, Daniel and his teammates won the Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan Football Cup. It was Daniel’s first time ever playing in this tournament and he won the grand prize.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing,

And obtains favor from the LORD.

Proverbs 18:22

Each teammate won 15,000 AED prize money, iPhone 13 Pro, a 3,000 AED travel voucher, and one night stay at Emirates Palace with an international breakfast buffet. This was indeed EXTRAORDINARY!


We immersed ourselves in the leisure, lavish, luxury lifestyle. We went to Hatta Dam and did pedal boating. Hung out at the park with the Ghana community and visited friends in Abu Dhabi for Eid al-Fitr. We redeemed our Emirates Palace gift certificate. I celebrated an ex-colleague, turned friend, turned sister’s birthday in a wine cellar. A boss move by her fiance. It was a surprise party. She revealed to me that I was having another niece or nephew. I became the auntie of so many children this year.

Daniel came home full-time. Yay! Not really! He’s a distraction. He occupies my time when he’s around (in a good way). LOL! May was an EXTRAORDINARY month too (especially our stay at Emirates Palace)!

Emirates Palace


We had a second American visitor since our 4 years living together abroad. We celebrated my 40 + WON birthday at the Atlantis Waterpark. FYI: If you are a resident, you can go to the waterpark for FREE and a few of your friends can accompany you at a discounted rate. Thank me later!

In addition, I debuted my first online course – Fearful 2 Fearing LESS – 7 Steps To Conquer FEAR. 2023 will be a great year to conquer fear. Click the link above and order your course NOW!

This is where things start to go from EXTRAORDINARY to EXTRA-ORDINARY! I don’t like to fret about the past but I do like to learn from it. Let’s just say everything is not the devil. Sometimes it’s you, holding yourself back.

That was me. I had a written plan to travel for the second half of the year and I did not keep integrity with myself. Mainly because I did not see the finances.

Consequently, I grew stagnant and the rest of my year became stagnant. No growth as the completion of my Year Compass confirms. I realized I was the most active on this website when I was traveling in 2019. I’m inquisitive by nature and somewhat adventurous. I learn life lessons from these experiences and love sharing them with others. Above all else, I love the results of putting my faith into action.

I desired to get footage of UAE for the Dubai tour I was planning. To finance the trip, I packed my suitcase and listed it on a popular website. It was booked for the same day.

Inspired Action: Packed a bag and listed the apartment. EXTRA-ORDINARY!


I found a Vipassana Meditation Course in Ras Al Khaimah (UAE) that I had no idea existed. These courses are popular and normally have waiting lists. Free accommodation and food for 10 days plus a complete disconnect from the entire world. There was a space left for me and they arranged for a fellow meditator to pick me up and drive me home. Something even more bazaar happened! I roomed with a lady that I met in the first course in India.

Vipassana roommates

Inspired Action: Did a Google search. EXTRA-ORDINARY!

But the experience this time was whew! I think because I knew I could go home. By Day 8, I was done. I was just signing up for teacher-student sessions to talk. LOL! During this course, I tapped into forgiveness at the core and not just on the surface level. I realized there was still some unforgiveness I was harboring even against myself and I released it. It felt so euphoric.

One thing is for sure, your creativity and your imagination go to another level by meditating 10 hours a day. I came up with an idea to create a Dubai Trip. Due to the fact, I visited all 7 emirates, I wanted to differentiate this tour by offering the same experience to others. The United Arab Emirates is a very small country. You can touch each emirate in a 24-hour time span. It’s not too late. You still can book your spot here.


It goes without saying Daniel missed me a lot. Something about me not getting on his nerves, he missed. LOL! As the saying goes absence makes the heart grow fonder. We spent a couple of weeks in Abu Dhabi. Shortly after my release from voluntary meditation prison, I needed to renew my visa. I ask Daniel to inquire if I could use the travel voucher he won at the tournament to renew. At first, the tour company said NO. Then I asked my Father for a solution, and he told me to tell Daniel to inquire again with the company and they said YES.

Inspired Action: Pray and obey advice even if it seems unreasonable. EXTRA-ORDINARY!


This was the third time renting out our sofa. Our last two guests were a delight. Mainly because they never stayed in the apartment. When they were present, the conversations were thought-provoking and entertaining. I presume because they were older businessmen with families and they could at least hold a conversation in English.

A particular guest reserved our coach for one month and he never left the apartment since the day he arrived and he couldn’t hold a conversation in English. We had to communicate entirely through Google Translate. He wasn’t the cleanest person so I didn’t want to keep going through the hassle of communicating with him over the phone. In addition, he was always cold which made us hot and uncomfortable. I was directed to pray at midnight like Paul and Silas. He was packing his bags mid-morning and we didn’t have to refund the money.

Inspired Action: midnight prayer and praise. EXTRA-ORDINARY!


I received a scholarship for an entrepreneurial program that normally requires tuition. Yay!!!! This was the school’s first year offering scholarships.

Inspired Action: attended an online conference and sowed a financial seed. EXTRA-ORDINARY!

Versace Palazzo at the Jaddaf waterfront became my favorite place to hang out and dream about my lavish, leisure, luxury lifestyle.


I had a financial dilemma that required my immediate attention. That day I was led again to pray from midnight until almost daybreak. I came home and started to clean out a box with important files. Literally, I’ve touched this box all year. The funds I needed were in that box. What a God we serve!

Inspired Action: midnight prayer/praise and listen to small voice. EXTRA-ORDINARY!

We hosted Thanksgiving at our home with a host of adults and kids. It was a multicultural Thanksgiving meal, a mixture of USA and Ghana cuisine. The most people we had in our place at one time. In addition, Ghana was playing in the FIFA World Cup that night.

Thanksgiving Gathering & Ghana playing in FIFA World Cup

We celebrated our 4th Time Meeting Anniversary (11/22) in the comfort of our home watching the FIFA World Cup.


I had dinner by myself at Grand Hyatt and I was led to express my gratitude to the server for the food. I was invited to a mixer the next day at the hotel with free food and drinks.

Christmas Tree lighting at the Grand Hyatt

Inspired Action: express gratitude for the small things. EXTRA-ORDINARY!

In addition, we were invited to Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinners with friends. Both events were fun and memorable.

Christmas Gathering

2022 Year In Review Summary

Unconsciously, I operated in the spirit of lack and that I know better. I serve a God of abundance.

I believe whatever story I tell myself.

My words and actions produce results and that’s on Mary had a little lamb. These manifestations are minute compared to what God really can do through me.

During reflection time, I realized every time I took an inspired action as small as packing a bag, whatever I desired manifested. Note to self: TAKE MORE INSPIRED ACTION.

Do It Now AND see the IMPOSSIBLE manifest. The impossible is easy and happens speedily.

As I write this post, I came to the re-realization that the same God that took care of me in UAE for the second half of the year is still the omnipresent God who can take care of me while I travel to Egypt, Bali, Maldives, Seychelles, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Zanzibar, Ghana, and the USA.

What did you learn from 2022? Share in the comments.

What’s Popping for 2023?

I’ll be taking a mulligan for 2022. I’m taking my faith to another level by being bold as a lion and taking dominion.

2023 is the year of excellence. I’m already on the right track. Hence, me turning in my homework assignment before the due date.

For everything I did not accomplish in 2022, I’m accomplishing it in 2023. Stay tuned!

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